Analytical Expertise & Proven Methodology Required to Develop Successful Strategies

Successful strategy development requires a nuanced understanding of the operating environment, the specification of the strategic objectives, and the identification of data-driven courses of action to accomplish the strategy.  Madison Springfield personnel follow a proven, yet simple results-focused approach with every client engagement. The process begins by identifying the challenge or opportunity faced by the client. The client’s desired end state and strategic objectives are then defined.  Madison Springfield then conducts research and analysis to identify the precise courses of action necessary to enable clients to achieve their desired end state. After the successful implementation of these courses of action,  Madison Springfield conducts assessments to determine how well the project has performed against the project objectives. This approach enables us to consistently deliver results that exceed client expectations.

  • Strategy Development

    Strategy Development

     Madison Springfield consultants follow a proven data-driven and results-focused approach with every client strategy development engagement.

    • Identify the challenge or opportunity
    • Define the end state and objectives
    • Determine data requirements
    • Collect and analyze data
    • Develop the strategy and supporting courses of action

  • Communications and Engagement Strategy

    Communications and Engagement Strategy

    Effective international engagement strategies require a detailed understanding of the local environment, the target customer segment, and most effective channels of engagement.  Madison Springfield excels at helping multinational organizations eliminate these knowledge gaps and developing data-driven courses of action that will achieve the client’s desired communication and engagement objectives.

  • International Market Entry Strategy

    International Market Entry Strategy

    To effectively enter an emerging or frontier market, successful multinational organizations follow a strategy that is informed by primary data collected locally and linked to the organizations specific objectives. For example, a consumer products company that seeks to introduce a new product to address an unmet market need will first research the target customer segment, analyze that segment’s motivations and buying behavior, and identify the precise engagement pathway for motivating the segment to purchase the product. Once this level of understanding is achieved, the organization can then develop an effective market entry strategy. To support the development of an effective market entry strategy,  Madison Springfield employs a rigorous methodology for assessing foreign customer segments, identifying the key factors that influence their buying behavior, and designing a multi-channel customer engagement plan.

Stability Assessment in the Middle East

The unique value  Madison Springfield brings is the ability to identify not only the sources of the problems that we are confronted with, but also to identify courses of action we can implement to address these problems. Thank you again for the superb and illuminating work you have done for us in so many ways on several projects. The regional stability challenges we face are truly daunting, but you've put new fuel into our tank, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

Regional Director, Multinational Development Organization - 2015