Delivering a Full-Spectrum of International Services

Even the most brilliant strategy will fail to achieve a client’s objectives if it is not implemented correctly. To avoid this trap, organizations operating in emerging or frontier markets require end-to-end solutions that include research, strategy development, and execution. To meet this challenge,  Madison Springfield employs consultants that are recognized experts drawn from the senior ranks of leading public and private sector organizations. They are true internationalists, with demonstrated track records of professional successes abroad, language skills, and international perspectives. They are well-credentialed with advanced degrees in a host of disciplines including business, international studies, law, foreign languages, and the sciences. These qualifications enable  Madison Springfield to provide the full-spectrum of services multinational organizations require.

  • Operations and Implementation Support

    Operations and Implementation Support

    Once a challenge has been researched and a strategy developed to conquer the challenge,  Madison Springfield consultants provide the operational support necessary to implement the strategy. The range of services provided include in-country transportation and logistics, program management and business continuity support.

  • Business Process Improvement

    Business Process Improvement

     Madison Springfield consultants follow a proven, yet simple results-focused approach with every client engagement. We begin by identifying the challenges or problems our client faces. We then define our client’s desired end state, i.e., how does the client define the success of the project. Next, we conduct research and analysis to identify the precise courses of action necessary to enable our clients to achieve their desired end state. After the successful implementation of these courses of action, we reassess the project to determine how well we have performed against the project objectives. This approach enables us to consistently deliver results that exceed client expectations.

  • Asset Recovery

    Asset Recovery

    Doing business in emerging or frontier markets means that force majeure events are not an uncommon occurrence. Multinational organizations faced with such events have two options: they can choose to abandon the assets in question and write off the loss; or, they can choose to pursue a recovery of their assets – to be compensated and recover at least a portion of the equities they have invested in the opportunity. To those clients that have chosen to pursue a recovery,  Madison Springfield offers the following support services:

    • Asset Recovery Assessment
    • Asset Recovery Plan
    • Asset Recovery Execution

Asset Recovery in North Africa

 Madison Springfield’s performance for the contract period was exceptional and far exceeded expectations. Quality of work, to include in-country operations support in a highly complex and demanding environment far exceeds resident capability in this organization.

Vice President, Middle East & North Africa Operations - 2015