The Global Reach & Technology Capabilities Needed to Answer Complex Research Queries

Emerging and frontier markets pose unique research challenges as accurate information is often elusive, expensive, and inconsistent.  Madison Springfield’s innovative methodology successfully overcomes these challenges to provide authentic, comprehensive, and synthesized primary research products. To begin, the firm maintains dedicated research teams that operate in key global industrial and geopolitical centers. This proximity affords an unparalleled ability to gain accurate and precise local insights. Next,  Madison Springfield draws its observations from a comprehensive array of sources including quantitative and qualitative research, subject matter expert interviews, empirical observation, trade and industry publications, social media and commercial satellite imagery. The breadth and depth of its sources enables  Madison Springfield to separate fact from fiction in ascertaining local realities. Lastly, the firm integrates the findings from these disparate sources to provide detailed and triangulated research findings. It is  Madison Springfield’s proximity, extensive data sources, and data fusion that give clients the ground truth they require for decision making.

  • Global Research

    Global Research

    Firm analysts constantly monitor market, political and security trends in key industrial centers around the globe offering an unparalleled ability to rapidly respond to emerging client requirements.

    To comprehensively analyze global trends,  Madison Springfield draws from an array of sources:

    • Primary Research
    • Expert Interviews
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Commercial Imagery
    • Regional and Trade Publications

  • Geopolitical Research and Analysis

    Geopolitical Research and Analysis

     Madison Springfield’s global research network provides the firm’s clients with unparalleled insights on evolving geo-political issues and trends around the world. With researchers in over 100 countries around the world, robust technology capabilities for monitoring the information environment, and access to a broad spectrum of subject matter experts, the firm is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the knowledge and information they require to make informed decisions. The services the firm provides include:

    • Survey Research
    • Risk Monitoring
    • Stability Analysis

  • Market and Industry Research

    Market and Industry Research

    For organizations seeking to enter emerging markets or expand their existing offerings, accurate market and industry research is often limited to secondary sources or is unavailable.  Madison Springfield addresses these information gaps by providing a full suite of primary research services including:

    • Segmentation Studies
    • Focus Groups
    • Industry Assessments
    • Competitive Analysis

Middle East Threat Monitoring

The insights provided by  Madison Springfield are extraordinary. It has eliminated numerous knowledge gaps and exposed opportunities for the organization to make more informed operational decisions. I know of no other firm that is capable of providing comparable insights.

Country Manager, Multinational Oil and Gas Company - 2014